Getting Ready for Chicago

Well, the big day is almost here. We leave bright and early tomorrow morning for our trip to Chicago to play at the national finals of The Next American Star, and I'm a big mix of nervousness and excitement. I'm all packed, checked my list 500 times to make sure I got everything, and headed to NYC for a recording session at Quad Studios last night to wrap some things up before I leave. On Sunday, the band and I had a great final rehearsal at The Space with the help of my buddy Travis Bell from Adorea Studios. We were able to work out the final kinks and left feeling really confident about the show on Saturday…until I got the forecast! Now, I know Chicago can be cold in October, but the weather forecasters are saying it could snow! Hopefully the bad weather will stay away from the Street Fest on Saturday, and from our flight home Monday morning.

For those of you in the Chicago area, we’ll be playing a kick-off show at the Crimson Lounge in the Hotel Sax Chicago on Friday night, and playing at the Clark/Belmont Street Fest on Saturday at 1:30. The street fest goes on all day and all night, so come for our set, and stay for Vanilla Ice! Don’t forget, we still need everyone’s votes to win the competition, and voting has been extended through Halloween, so head over to The Next American Star to register and start giving us your supervotes once a day.

I'll keep you updated from my twitter!